A bit of commentary for this one

Normally when I have to make a “talking heads” strip which lacks a pun or anything other than moving character development forward, I like to have something interesting going on in the background. This is usually something planned in the writing stage.

Unfortunately, what is written and what can be drawn are very different. I often have little idea of how much space text will actually take up in a panel, so sometimes I have to totally rethink what I’m doing. Such was the case for this strip.

That’s a common cause of a lot of late strips, having to redraw entire panels over and over again until an idea either works, or I give up and grudgingly move onto a simpler idea so I can get it out of the way. Sometimes this means a change in location, a change in angle, or just a change in what’s happening in the background. Regardless, it usually means a fair bit of extra drawing, which wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t so anal about my sketches being pretty much on-par with the final product.

That’s not the say that this strip is so late for that reason. It’s part of it, but most of it is because I had about 4 entire days where I was completely unable to do anything whatsoever. That’s always fun.