I have nothing interesting in reference to the strip to say, so instead here’s a bit of rambling.

I pray you’ll forgive me for switching up the shading so suddenly on this. I actually wanted to have this sort of softer, varied shading the whole time, but I’ve been battling sleep deprivation as well as going through finals (which I finished this past Thursday) and getting through each strip with looming due dates was an exercise in stress and fear, so I did it the easy way.

If I can find the time I might go back and reshade the previous 3 strips; it’s not a lengthy or difficult process, but it took a little experimenting to get it right, which is what barred me from spending time on doing it in the last 3 strips.

Also, post titles are back for reasons I don’t feel the need to discuss. I foresee many cheesy, boring or repeated titles in the future.