Lessee… will the post bloody well work this time…? –Yes! Sheesh, kept having technical problems.


I think only the Second Coming of Christ is tardier than this strip. I am so sorry, my perception of time is completely out of wack lately, and it’s due in no small part to my own daily decisions. Such as choosing to buy Don’t Starve last night, when I should have been working on this strip. Yeah, not a good idea. I really gotta learn to manage my gaming time more, especially now with 2 rather extensive time-sink games in my immediate interest.



Normally I don’t like to be a critic of my own comics but occasionally I have to admit to blatant failings. This strip desperately needed 4 panels. I’m sure it’s not hard to make the assumption that the 2nd panel is what Jam is seeing, but this lacks a key element to a very similar strip I did last year with Mike and Alice, and that’s a concentration on the viewer’s face as he focuses on the girl of his dreams. This would necessitate a panel between 1 and 2 for this strip.

That key element makes it very clear just whose eyes we’re looking through, and it’s missing here. I know it’s small, and I’m sure with the written context the point isn’t hard to follow here, but… Meh, sometimes I have to acknowledge where I’ve beefed. Oh well, if anything I had a lot of fun drawing Kate in Jam-o-vision.