There’s this wonderful site called “3D Warehouse.” It’s a site that provides models made in a program called SketchUp, but the site is also generous enough to provide free rotation and movement of models without the program itself.

You’d think such a site would have limited models of things since it’s basically all user-submitted, but that’s where you’d be wrong. It has models for all kinds of things, most of which are actually highly detailed and accurate, included the Ferrari F430 which is the model Rachel’s car here is based on. Some of the models even have completed interiors of the car. Steering wheel, gas and brake pedals and all.

I love the site. It has kitchens, fish tanks, cars, beds, game consoles, fire trucks, houses

Oh, the comic. Um… I didn’t mention this in the last strip, but Rachel’s hair was updated. As was Micheal’s, slightly.