To some, a person may look ordinary, plain, or just generally unimposing.
To certain others, they may as well be diamonds, shining in a the sun on a clear blue day. To them, they are the most beautiful creature in the cosmos.
And that’s what a crush feels like.

Last month, a very nice Aussie lady named Sofia drew a picture of Alice in her own style right here. I adored the way she portrayed Alice, and I just had to incorporate it into a comic somehow. I’ve had this particular comic in mind for a while now, but never knew the right aesthetic to give to Alice for the fantasy panels.

That pretty face Sofia drew clicked with me, and it dawned on me that it was perfect for this comic. I finagled with it a little to fit the comic a bit better, but at its core it is Sofia’s design.
I thank her (for about the 10th time) for that wonderful little picture, and I do hope that she doesn’t mind me using the face in this comic.