Squirrels and other small creatures were never an issue for me when I was learning to drive. It was mostly just my own two hands that gave me problems.



Grandest apologies. This strip was well on its way to being done on Sunday, being almost fully sketched by the afternoon which is the longest part of the process. But by the evening of that day I hit a snag of depression and it hasn’t quite faded since. You all know the drill concerning depression, I’m sure- makes you lethargic, lazy, don’t wanna do anything. That’s basically been me, and is why this is without color.

As always, this’ll have color later today. I just wasn’t in the mood to finish it last night, and I just wanted to sleep. Sorry again, though I know you don’t mind.

Gracious me the color for this was late! I got caught up helping my mother shop and all that jazz. But, better late than never!