Take it slow Kate. You’re doing great. I mean, you may still be wearing a sweater, but it’s a sleeveless one! Keep this up and in a few years you might even catch yourself wearing a t-shirt!


This was one I struggled to force myself to make. It’s a long stretch of motions, but not much else. I actually really enjoy drawing this sort of thing, but much like with extensive talking, extensive silence is not always the most interesting thing in the world: The wind was a compromise I came up with to give it a slight visual flare, just so you’re not looking at the exact same thing every panel. In the end, I just hope it was worth 14 panels of making my fingers hurt. If nothing else, I at least had fun drawing it.


Also, I’d love some feedback on the shading/lighting for this. I tried to get slightly experimental, but I’m not sure how well it turned out. I feel I may have tried a bit too hard to sell the breaks in the tree’s shade. But, what do you think?


Sorry for that impromptu hiatus. Wasn’t feeling quite like myself for a while, but I’m slowly easing back in.