With how much time you spend around her, she may as well be, Jam.



This strip was originally much darker, with Alice actually choking Mary in her frantic rush to snuggle with her. It presented visual problems concerning space as the dialogue was also different, and paced differently. This is pretty much what led to this strip not going up this past Wednesday. I tried and tried to keep that darker version, but it just never jived well either in my head, or on paper (so to speak). I never even got past sketching the second panel of the old version it took so long.

Then I made the dialogue more light hearted since it eventually dawned on me that Alice is not in fact a murderer, and the visual depiction of it fell into place. Alice may love to cuddle, but she doesn’t smother people. Why would a seasoned snuggler like her accidentally start choking someone anyway? She probably has the magic touch when it comes to hugging of all kinds!