I don’t know what happened in a year but suddenly Cleo is kind of freakin’ adorable.
Or maybe it’s just that I think all of the ladies I draw are cute. Hmm.


Oh my Lord this took a lot longer to color and shade than I thought it would. I would NOT have been able to get the color, lighting and shading done in those 2 hours before I uploaded this. But here it is! It was fun to color and shade, but whoa it was a chore.

To be honest, it’s only 10 pm when I’m uploading this, and frankly I probably could get the color and shading done before midnight when this goes up.

But I’ve been awake for 18 hours, I was sick for a little bit today, I had to wait around for a short time to see what I was doing when I went out today which kept me from sketching and inking all of this mess, and I’ve been battling oncoming narcolepsy for the past hour, so, sorry. Hopefully you don’t mind it without color for the moment (I know you don’t mind but just accept that I’m more apologetic than a Canadian).

I wouldn’t dream of leaving this colorless: Between Cleo’s hair and the store’s lighting, I can imagine it’ll be really fun to do the color and shading for this page. So don’t worry, the first thing I’m gonna do when I wake up in the morning is work on getting color in this strip, so check back occasionally in the afternoon if colors tickle your fancy enough to make you read the same thing twice.