Really gonna need your opinions on this, y’all! This is the first time I’ve drawn the other side of the street outside of Purti Pastries’ windows, and I need to know how it looks. I’m biased by staring at it for hours on end so I can’t make a proper assessment.

Is it distracting? If so, any advice or ideas to alleviate it? Perhaps the glass is too shiny? Perhaps too drowned out in white?

Also, Beth’s hair. Not asking for help with it, just saying that LOOK, BETH’S HAIR MAKES VAGUE SENSE NOW! She makes a couple hair buns on the sides of her head, then pulls her frontmost hair over them and holds it behind her head with a hair clamp. Needs some fine tuning in appearance, but now I can point at it and actually explain it, and it’s rather simple. Best of all, I kept the basic shape of her silhouette in the process.