Welcome to Whatever, Whenever, Wherever! If you were looking for a formal “beginning” to the comic here, then I apologize as there is unfortunately no such thing. However if you want a summary of the characters, you can check the Meet The Characters page, which you can reach from the “About” page, or from the dropdown menu as you hover your mouse over it.

Please stick with the strip as you read forward. Get to know the various characters and watch as the cartoon is slowly refined into something more coherent, both in visuals and in content. Or, just skip ahead a year or two. Trust me, up until say, >this comic<, you REALLY aren’t missing much. I promise.

Either way, thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the strip!


If you’re still reading, then allow me to explain what Whatever, Whenever, Wherever is! Another version of this is on the “From the Author” page that you can find in the “About” drop-down menu, or from a link to that page on the “About” page itself.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever, or WWW, is a comic I began a while ago originally for fun, and it soon became a sandbox for practice. Through WWW, I test my artistic and story telling abilities and try to tie them together. All the while I’ve learned a bit about anatomy here and there and have improved upon the characters’ designs as the years have gone by. I keep things cartoonish, but now and then a character’s appearance will change just a little bit. Perhaps I get more confident in some more detailed clothing and give a character a more dynamic wardrobe. Perhaps I find that one of their hair styles just doesn’t work and I either change it or make it more sensible looking. Or maybe I feel I can construct a character’s face better and they get a very hefty makeover.

WWW began very… simple. It wasn’t until late 2012 that things really started to come together visually, and even then I had a VERY long way to go, and I still do! I want to keep improving both the visuals and the stories for as long as I can, until the cartoon medium limits me from improving further.

As a platform for improvement, I encourage people to give me their opinions or advice. Currently, a name and email is not required to post comments. However, comments are closed on older comics. But on anything recent, if you have a blazing criticism or a heartfelt tip, or just wanna say something, then please feel free to post it.

Anyway, that’s WWW’s purpose. If you’ve read this far as a new reader, then I sincerely thank you, and I really hope you’ll stick around and read more.