My name is Adam, or Jam (not the character!), and I’ve been interested in cartoons and comics since I was but a wee child who didn’t know what “wee” meant. I really took an interest in cartoons as a part of my life around my early teen years, and I’m still as interested today as I’ve ever been. I like nice walks, monotonous video games, and I have an unhealthy addiction to tuna sandwiches. I’ve also been told my voice is not only booming, but soothing. Ladies.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever began as a nameless hobby at some point years ago. I don’t recall when I first drew Jam (actually the character), but I reckon it was around 2007 or so. I have all of the old comics and pictures filed away in some folder somewhere that I dare not look at for fear my eyes will burn from shame in my past self’s ability, so I’ll never remember when exactly I started drawing characters with empty, soulless eyes.

Around the end of 2010, I decided I needed a title for this little comic, and I eventually settled on Whatever, Whenever, Wherever. The name means little, though I think at first it was meant to entitle the originally scatterbrained focus on characters. As time went on though, focus shifted towards more concentrated stories, with short breaks visiting other characters’ lives.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever is a station of practice for me. While I rarely delve outside of the comic, it is still primarily a place to practice my writing and technical skills. Due to the short form and character types, it challenges me to keep it relatively short, sweet and to the point, but also interesting. Visually, I pray that the comic has seen noticeable improvement over the years, and I hope it continues to. As for the writing’s development, well, its quality is for the reader to decide.

As the comic is a vehicle of improvement, I try to be open to advice or criticism. If you ever have anything to say, be it positive or negative, then please feel free to comment on a recent comic. I’d be happy to read any advice, or simple comments, anyone might have.