What is Whatever, Whenever, Wherever?
A young man living with his sarcastic girlfriend’s family, an emotionally unstable tech support agent, a booze and sex obsessed doctor, an estranged father trying to reunite with his family, and a secret agent babysitting a grown brat. These are but a few of the residents of the little coastal town of Rudville, Texas. Welcome to Whatever, Whenever, Wherever!

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See the From the Author page if you’re interested in learning more about Adam, or about the comic.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever is PG to PG-13 for occasional adult content and language.


The updates seem pretty sporadic. What’s up with that?

Ideally, Whatever, Whenever, Wherever would update Wednesdays and/or Sundays. However, as a labor of love at a loss, sometimes the stars just don’t always align. This may result in a strip simply being late, or an update being skipped entirely. Adam apologizes for this, and hopes that he can be more diligent.