Here you’ll find information on some of the residents of Rudville, Texas.

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MaryMugshot Susan Mary Purti – Perpetually Content Cutie

Petite and childlike, Mary is a 20 year old sweetheart whose cheerful demeanor never seems to fade. While a little naive, she always tries her best. Mary works for her mother in their diner, Purti Pastries. Early in her employment, she had a small accident in the storage room. It’s been largely to blame for certain “side effects” that the pastries occasionally display.

With the return of her estranged father, Mary is doing all she can do get to know the dad she never had.

Mary’s best friend is Jam, whose back she occasionally rides on. She’s also “friends” with Kate, but Mary isn’t sure why Kate likes her. She has a blooming friendship with Rachel who tends to treat Mary as a dress up doll, and she sometimes meddles in the love life of a tech support agent at a local electronics store.
Mary loves music, the beach, and her favorite color is purple.

BethMugshot Donne Beth Purti – Lady of Lament

Beth is Mary’s single 45 year old mother. Beth’s life has always seemed to be surrounded by misfortune, be it large or small, but she’s grown to live with it. Though others may be left shivering after a bus narrowly misses them, to Beth, it’s just another misfortune she was prepared to avoid if necessary. Beth’s “bad luck” has grown less frequent as of late. Though, with the return of her ex-husband, one might think it’s only getting worse for her. But perhaps even that’s changing.

Beth is the founder and owner of Purti Pastries, a diner with a bakery hook that she started to support herself when her husband left her. Her daughter Mary works there with her.

Some day, Beth would like to be featured in her favorite business magazine, Sexy and Successful. She’s actually been accepted twice, but turned down the offer because she refuses to be labeled a “cougar.”

MarkMugshot Lenard Marcus “Mark” McKavins – Making the best of it

“Coward.” “Heartless.” “Bastard.” Just a few of the words Beth used to describe her ex-husband Mark, who left her alone in the hospital just after Mary had been born.

The 48 year old man returned to Rudville 19 years after his daughter’s birth and was not greeted with any kind of warm welcome. Beth understandably still holds deep contempt for the man. However, Mary appears to have taken a liking to him, and is using this opportunity to get to know the father she never had, and Mark couldn’t be happier about his chance to make up for his past mistakes. He now lives just north of Rudville and works as a carpenter for a nearby development.

Initially depressed and downtrodden upon his return to town, Mark’s demeanor has taken a turn for the better ever since he began spending time with his daughter, much to Beth’s disdain. Better late than never.


JamMugshot John Alex Mark, “Jam” – Easy-going Mutton Chopped Fellow

A 21 year old fellow with no serious ambitions in life other than to try and enjoy it. He has lived with his girlfriend Kate ever since his parents kicked him out when he was unable to find a job while he lived with them.

Jam is terrified of Kate’s father, Smith, and her brother, Micheal. However, he has a strong and reciprocated affection for Kate’s mother, Diane, seeing her as a sort of adopted mother (and hopefully one day, mother in-law).
Jam likes computer games, making any romantic progression with Kate, sleeping, and he likes to meet people at bus stops. Jam’s best friend is Mary, who is like a sister to him, which makes his infatuation with her mother a bit awkward. He has made the acquaintance of a wealthy young woman, and is a common target of squeezing by a tech support agent at one of Rudville’s computer stores.

Jam currently works as an assistant for Mr. Warren, a mechanic in town who doesn’t actually let Jam work.

KateMugshot Jenny Kate Flour – Sarcastically Intolerant, Emotionally Emotionless

Kate is a 21 year old girl with a lot of judgmental things to say, but little incentive, let alone the give-a-care to say it. Though Australian, she lacks the ludicrous accent that plagues the rest of her family.

With muted emotions, Kate’s clear head tells her one very important thing, and it is that almost nothing is worth reacting to emotionally. Rarely has Kate ever smiled, cried, or become angry at someone. However, she’s certainly displayed sarcastic derision just about every day of her life.

She is Jam’s girlfriend, and it’s not uncommon for her to demean him through blunt honesty. However, she can be quite intimate with him if she’s in the right mood, and there are signs she’s trying to open up emotionally not only to Jam but to everyone.

Kate’s only real friend is Mary, she barely acknowledges Rachel’s existence, and she hates doctors. Despite his hatred for Jam, Kate loves her brother Micheal very much, and she literally, and oddly uncharacteristically, jumps at him in excitement whenever he visits.

DianeMugshot Diane Simone Flour – “Deary, deary, deary”

Diane is Kate and Micheal’s 47 year old mother, and she’s the mother you wish you had. Sweet, charming, loving and caring, Diane cares for her daughter and son very much. Diane adores Jam and thinks of him as the perfect match for Kate. In fact, she may be a little too emotionally involved in their relationship.

She is a very amorous woman, much to her husband’s delight.

Diane has a strong Australia accent, and affectionately calls those she cares for “deary.” She works at Purti Pastries with Mary and Beth.

SmithMugshot  Haxon Smith Flour – Giant Grumpy Gus

Smith is the 51 year old father to Kate and Micheal. He is an extremely disagreeable person, and is a giant of a man. Originally a hunter and factory worker in Australia, he now works in a hunting shop in Rudville. He occasionally hunts with his children.

Smith despises Jam, thinking him as lazy, dim and disloyal. Despite this, he holds his tongue at his wife’s request, lest “Wednesday Nights” be cancelled.

Smith has an outrageous Australian accent, wears a shark-teeth necklace (from a shark he caught, killed, ate part of, stuffed and mounted himself), and fears no man. He does however fear his wife.

RachelMugshotSusanna Rachel Montgomry – Conniving Brat

Rachel is the spoiled 21 year old daughter of a mob boss in New York. Since supposedly running into a debt quarrel, he moved her to Rudville with a Government appointed bodyguard in order to protect her. Protect her from what, who the heck knows.

Although Rachel believes she’s as beautiful as she is rich, she’s no show off. About her beauty that is. She flaunts her riches at any opportunity. And her beauty from time to time. Okay maybe she is a show off.

She truly wants to make friends in Rudville, particularly with her bodyguard Micheal, but her bratty attitude deters almost everyone. She has made friends with Mary though, and quite enjoys hew company. Rachel likes watches, and almost always wears at least 2 at a time.

Rachel enjoys shopping, occasional chats with Jam, dressing up Mary like a doll, and shopping some more.

MichealMugshotEdward Micheal Flour – Not so Silent and Deadly

Micheal is Kate’s 27 year old brother. Taken in by the FBI for specialized education at a young age, Micheal has grown into a strong, brutish but usually calm man. Despite being away from his little sister so often, he is very protective of her. As one might imagine, he completely disapproves of Kate’s relationship with Jam, thinking she’s much too good for him.

Micheal’s current assignment is to be Rachel’s bodyguard. Why he’s even there, not even he knows. No one attacks her and she’s never in peril, so he overcomes the boredom by annoying his bratty ward in any way he can. However, he does find it charming when she acts genuine, and is even helping her learn to drive. On the bright side of things, his station places him near his family, which he visits often.

Micheal has an offensively bad Australian accent, and has at least 5 different weapons concealed on his person.

He appears to be infatuated with a particular redhead. Although, that would imply they haven’t already had more than a few liaisons.

AliceMugshotAlicia “Alice” Shelby Clarken – Hug-addicted Nerd

A sweet and energetic 31 year old lady with a talent for hugging strangers and a job fixing computers, Alice works at the local electronic store’s tech support agency, Nerd Alert. A friend to all, Alice always goes in for a hug with anyone she meets. Hugging is, to her, like shaking hands. She’ll hug anyone and anything, including her pet ferret Fuzz, and even the computers she works on. Whether it’s appropriate or not is usually up to the victim person being hugged.

Though her friends span the globe (she counts her online friends), her closest friends are frequent customer Jam, and her fellow Nerd Alert employee, Mike. Blissfully unaware of, or perhaps simply ignoring Mike’s crush on her, Alice just doesn’t know what to think of the gangly guy.

Alice’s hobbies include hugging, cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, and video games.
Alice still lives with her parents and has a scooter, but no car. Bummer.

MikeMugshotJordan Mike Caesar – Tech Support Agent Codename: Unstable

An emotionally unstable man of 30 years, you’d be hard pressed to see Mike stay in one state of mind for more than five minutes. An agent at Nerd Alert, the tech support division at Rudville’s electronics store, Mike deals with people he’d rather not talk to day in and day out. In truth, Mike always wanted to be an engineer, but ended up where he is now due to necessity.

Mike’s only true friends appear to be Mary, whom he affectionately calls Angel, since she always seems able to brighten his day, and his fellow Nerd Alert employee, Alice. Madly in love with the wide bottomed blond, Mike trembles in her mere presence. He’s nearly unable to speak with her without freezing or fainting, or at the very least stuttering like an infant, barring his way into her heart.

Mike enjoys few activities, but he does like to tinker in his spare time.


ShanaMugshotDr. Shana Lavanya Weinhousen –

Shana is a 26 year old physician from Germany. Through questionable methods, she’s become the most popular doctor in Rudville. She often flirts with her male patients, much to their girlfriends’ or wives’ disgust. She of course convinces them she means no harm, and all is well.

She has a thick German accent that, while understandable to most, confuses some of her patients.

Dr. Weinhousen is a social and sexual creature, and partakes in serial sexcapades, binge drinking and more. She doesn’t make a point of telling her patients this, but she has nothing to hide should they ask. Women tend to be concerned, while the men tend to schedule another appointment as soon as possible.

Shana has many “friends,” but her closest acquaintances are her assistant Kelly, and a certain Australian who she just can’t seem to resist.