I wonder if that’s why when Jam…


Here, have some mushy mushy mush. Also, Beth has a new hair style. Why? Because the old one that I tried to make work for several years finally got on my last nerve and I think this hair style is really pretty on her. If I can saw off Shana’s giant swirly-bit then I can give Beth’s hair a makeover too.


Gonna need a little feedback on this one, if y’all don’t mind! You might have noticed with those Rachel and Micheal strips that Rachel’s fingernails were pronounced. Same here with Beth’s. You might also notice some nonsense in the characters’ hair to try and convey flow or scraggliness. This is all part of an attempt to gradually add minor details that make the collective result more appealing.

I need to know if this kind of thing is adding too much visual clutter, or if it just looks unappealing. Work-load wise it doesn’t make a difference. Per character it takes maybe 10 seconds to “carefully” add those nonsense lines to the hair to give it a bit of flow. Since it barely impacts the timeline for a strip, it’s about the same amount of work with or without them.

If those lines and the small scruffs in Mark’s hair are just downright ugly, be honest about it.