I have nothing to say about the strip so it’s COMMENTARY TIME

I’m the kind of person that dislikes boring comic panels. If I can throw at least something in the background- even if it’s just a mounted TV, a part of a curtain, or a mirror, I’ll do that just to spice up the scene a bit. The same goes for the characters as well. It absolutely pains me when I draw them just sitting around and chatting. I always regret how boring it looks. I want there to be something happening if I can help it, especially if the strip is more for character development rather than for wit.

Sometimes, that leads to nonsense like… Mark helping Mary try on a hat. Why is she trying on a hat? Heck if I know. Maybe Rachel’s Barbie Doll syndrome is rubbing off on her. Maybe she has really bad fashion sense thinking that hat goes with that sweater. But whatever the reason, it’s more visually interesting than them sitting on that stupid couch for the millionth time flapping their yaps.