Wow Kate, sweetheart, slow down. You might be edging out of your comfort zone faster than you’re ready to.

I mean, color? I’m proud of you, but please Kate, don’t strain yourself.


That really big strip at the beginning of the month and this one were actually both meant to take place inside the Flour household. After a small draft of the first strip, I found it wasn’t a very intimate setting, nor was the “scenery” as pleasant. Plus, when I had the idea for the light breaking through the tree, I couldn’t not do it.

This one followed suit, and I wanted to give the lighting another try. I tried to rely a less on jittering- which in normal speak, means not just using a setting in my program that shakes the brush around a bunch. I think it looks a bit less artificial, but it might be too soft to really sell the lighting. It was fun in any case.