Tech support isn’t always about fixing computers. Sometimes it’s about helping a customer make the right decision.

That has nothing to do with the fact that Mike can fit his entire head into his hat, which is rather impressive. I want a hat like that.



An unimaginable amount of frustration and distractions in the latter half of the past week has led to this strip being without color. I’m not going to bother coloring it. I just want to set it aside and move onto the next strip. Looking at this strip is reminding me of the past week, and particularly how absolutely convoluted and frustrating college registration processes are. It reminds me especially how absolutely unnecessary such processes are in an age where colleges like MIT are putting entire subjects of academia online with all the materials, including video lectures and so on for absolutely free.

Basically, I’m bitter about college getting more and more complicated every single time I register for a semester instead of it becoming more streamlined like computers should be making it.

Thankfully I decided early on not to make this month’s first strip a long strip. There’ll be one, just not today. And thank God.

Hopefully this is a one-off thing from the frustration. I want that little break I took recently the actually have an effect.